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Verkkokauppaamme on saapunut Irrestablesin kehittämiä värejä ja niiden yhteydessä käytettäviä rakenneaineita. Kyseessä on uunissa kuumennettavat värit, joiden käyttö on aiemmin markkinoilla olleita kuumennettavia värejä helpompaa ja mikä tärkeää, ovat myrkyttömiä. Otamme aluksi myyntiin vain aloituspakkauksia ja kysynnän myötä lisäämme tuotteita.

Tietoa Irrestablesin sivuilta tässä vaiheessa:
Irresistables Heat Set Paints were created because there was a need to continue keeping up with the demands of the heat set paint market. We have worked hard to come up with the perfect recipe for both our colors and our mediums. We know you will enjoy using them and will be impressed with how easily they apply thus creating the perfect finished product. We will continue to add to our product line as needed and look forward to the positive feedback from the artists. 
This IRHSP starter set includes 10 1/4 ox. jars of our most popular colors plus 1 1oz. jar of IRHSP Primer and 1 1oz. jar of Matte Varnish.  Also included with your set will be one 10 well plastic palette, 5 pipettes to make adding solvent to your mediums easier and a block of latex free foam sponges. IRHSP paints and mediums are odorless and non toxic, build well when you are adding layers and just a dream to paint with. Their unique creamy texture is what makes them so special and they are highly pigmented so a little will go a VERY long way.
Irresistables Heat Set Paints (IRHSP) were designed to cure with heat. IRHSP's can be used with other heat set paints (oil based) or even air dry paint systems and when paired together, because of the creamy nature of IRHSP paints, the pigments will blend perfectly. Use IRHSP mediums or solvents to thin. Set your oven to 265 degrees F/129C and heat for 9 minutes.  Remove your product from the oven and allow it to cool fully before handling and applying more layers. The paint will not cure unless it reaches 265F/130C. This is crucial for the success of our heat set paints. If you choose to use a heat gun, be careful not to over heat the paint. Store your IRHSP's at room temperature. IRSHP's will never dry out.

IRHSP are made in the USA and shipped direct from our warehouse in Rockford, Illinois.  We have kept the prices affordable and the products readily available. Thank you for choosing to purchase your heat set paints and mediums from Irresistables Reborn Heat Set Paints.


  • I IRHSP Starter Paint Set 10 Colors 2 Mediums + Extras
  • Full Price: $109.99
  • Included: 10 1/4 oz. jars of paint, One 1 oz. jar of Primer and one 1 oz. jar of Matte Varnish plus a 10 well plastic paint palette, 5 pipettes and a block of latex free foam sponges
  • Fuses easily to vinyl
  • Highly recommended for reborn doll kits and can be used on other surfaces such as wood or canvas
  • Compatible with Genesis and other oil based or air dry paint systems
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Applies easily and builds well for additional layers
  • Fade resistant (High UV Resistance) and tested for longevity and durability
  • IRHSP's will never dry out
  • Odorless and Non-Toxic
  • Made and Shipped in the USA


IRHSP Colors and Mediums included in this set:

  1. Strawberry Blush
  2. Eyelid Purple
  3. Light Blue Vein
  4. Primary Red
  5. Primary Blue
  6. Yellow Ocher
  7. Burnt Umber
  8. Dark Purple
  9. Flesh
  10. White
  11. 1 oz. jar of Primer
  12. 1 oz. jar of Matte Varnish

All of our products are brand new and will arrive in their original packaging. Our items are stored in a smoke free, temperature controlled environment. 

  • Irrestables mediums/rakenneaineet, starter set/aloituspaketti
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  • IRHSP Mattalakka/ Matte varnish
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  • IRSHP-värit, aloituspakkaus
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